INFINIWeb is incorporated with advanced charting facilities for the purposeof analysis. Over 100 indicators, 6 different chart types, 19 drawingtools, and popout as many charts at a time. Set chart templates,intraday data from 2014 and daily charts for over 7 years for stocks,commodities, F&O, and currencies.

You can find the charts icon on the market watch section. You will have to select a scrip and click on the charts symbol to open charting analysis for the selected scrip.  

As you move through the chart you will be able to see the open, high, low, close and volume. By default the cross hair is enabled and you will be disable by clicking on this option. There is also a Zoom in / Zoom out option available for the charts.

Charting Scales

The default chart opens with a time scale of 2 days.  There are  pre-defined time scales for a better user experience. At the right hand bottom you will see 1 day, 3 day, 1 month, 3 month YTD and 2 years. You can find the option to change the charting scales on the bottom of window

Charting Intervals

By default charts open with 5 min time interval. You can change the time interval from 1 min to up to 1 month. There is a drop down on the top ribbon with all the options you can choose from of intervals

Chat Types

By default the chart type is candle. There are more than 10 different chart types available to choose from. You can select any one from the drop down on the top ribbon and analyse the charts conveniently.

Indicators and Studies

Charting on INFINI Web provides more than 100+ chart studies. You can scroll down and select a study of your choice. You can save a chart studies into views for future analysis. Click on View, Save view then provide a name and your view is saved. You can also invoke this saved view on another scrip chart by click of a button

Volume Profile

By default the chart loads with Volume profile at the bottom section. You can move the volume profile to the top of the screen as well. You can delete this chart if not interested. From studies you can also plot a volume underlay so that volume and price are within the same plane as shown in the screenshot below

Multiple charts

If you want to plot a chart for many scrip at the same time, you can use the pop out button. The pop option will open a new browser tab for the chart and this way you can plot and analyse multiple charts at the same time.\

To plot a chart for another scrip simply type the name of the scrip and select the scrip. This way you can also plot futures and options price charts 

Scrip Compare

You can also compare one scrip with another to visualize relative performance of the scrips for selected charting frames. 

Chart themes

You can also change the colors and save a theme for your charts with this option.