INFINI Web trading platform lets you convert your position for orders in your order book. All orders placed can be found in the Order book. This can be viewed on the right side of the screen under the trading tab. here you can see the scrip name, time stamp, status of the order, Buy/Sell, quantity etc... 

To convert positions of completed orders, go to the positions tab. Here you will find all completed orders. 

On hovering over a scrip you will find options for converting the position and to square-off the order. 

Click on 'CN' to open the conversion box and 'SQ' to square -ff your position at market price. The box displayed below is the position conversion box where you can choose from the dropdown, an order type you want to convert to, and give the quantity. The maximum quantity that is available in completed orders is displayed in this box. you can only give a quantity lesser than or equal to the quantity given here. After providing the desired selection and details, click on Convert button.

On Click of convert, the order gets converted immediately and you can see the changes reflected on the order under the positions tab

You can convert this order back to what it was using the same procedure.