INFINI WEB user interface enables you to add funds to and withdraw funds from your account. You can check the balance u have available and track it at all times. If you lack sufficient balance in your trading account, You can add funds in few easy steps to continue trading. You can easily withdraw funds as well.

To Add Funds

Step 1: Log in to your INFINI WEB Account

Step 2: On the top right corner of the page, you will find a rupee symbol icon. 

Step 3: Click on it and Limits pop up box appears. Here you can view all the details pertaining to your fund account

Step 4: Select Add Funds Button, and you will be taken to tradeplus payment gateway page. Here you select your back you wish to make the transaction with. This is in case you have multiple accounts linked to your tradeplus account. You need to key in the account number, segment, amount and click on submit  button

Step 5: On click of submit you will be redirected to your bank's net banking page. Do the needful proceedure to log in to your net banking account and proceed with the transaction

Step 6: You must not refresh the page until the below message is displayed, regarding the details of the transaction.

Step 7: When you go back to INFINI WEB page and see the limits pop up, you will find that the funds are transferred immediately.

To Withdraw Funds

Step 1: 

Follow Steps 1 to 3 from above procedure

Step 2: Click on the Withdraw Funds button

Step 3: You will be taken to Tradeplus Funds Page. Enter details and click on Submit

In case you want to check the status or modify your request for fund withdrawal, Select the Check Status/Modify button on top of the window

This will open a pop up where you can see status, and also modify the editable fields to change the request details. You click on update button and this will change the request details accordingly. The modify option is available only when the status is pending 

You can delete the request to withdraw funds altogether by clicking on the Delete button on this status box

Step 4: The fund withdrawal process is carried out on basis of predetermined timelines. Please refer to the support portal to find timeline for withdrawal request processing.

Please Click Here for fund transfer queries