INIFIN WEB platform offers unique market watch features that serve investors better.

This online trading platform gives you the option to maintain 5 different watch lists-CM, W1, W2, W3 and W4. Each watch list can take up to 20 scrips except the common market watchlist. 

Common Market Watchlist

It is a special watch list among the others, which can store more than 20 scrips and also syncs the list across the platforms on Web, EXE and Mobile. This cool feature helps in maintainig a watchlist common to any platform that you use. Each watch list can take up to 20 scrips. 

Universal Search Option

To add funds you want to monitor to market watch you are given a universal search box that is loaded with scrips from all exchanges - NSE, BSE and MCX. On typing the scrip name in the box all relavant results appear. You can pick a scrip from the results and use the + button to add the scrip to your selected watchlist.

IDX Watchlist

INFINI WEB enables you to maintain a watchlist for specific index. You can select an exchange and all the indices in the exchange get populated on your Index watchlist space.

Pre Defined Watchlists

This option allows you to create a watchlist based on all the scrips in a predefined list belonging to an Index or a sector. Click on the pen symbol beside the seach icon on top left corner of the screen. You need to select an exchange (NSE,BSE,...), and select an index (NIFTY 50, NIFTY IT, SENSEX,..) or pick a sector (Oil and Gas, Food and Beverages,..) and all the scrips in that watchlist get populated in your selected watchlist space. There are more than 30 predefined watchlists complied fro your convenience. You can easily follow scrips belonging to your interested category and compare to make a better investment decision.

Index Watch

This is the ribbon on top of the window, displays three indices that are monitored regularly. You can modify this ribbon with the indices of your choice by using the edit button. 

This will display a pop up with all the indices on all exchanges for you to choose top three from.

Market Watchlist Window

This window displays all the scrips you add on the selected watchlist (CM , W1, W2, W3,or W4). On hovering on any scrip, you will find buttons that let you do operations like view scrip Information, Market breadth, Buy scrip, Sell scrip, or delete the scrip from the watchlist.

On click of any scrip, the scrip statistics, Charts and Resistance & Support for that particular scrip will get updated on the sections below the market watch window

Watch the video below for understanding Market watch in detail