In the login page enter your UCC (eight digits Client ID) as USER NAME and click on NEXT Button to enter your password.  Also as part of 2 fa authentication, you should have set answers to 5 questions from a list of 10 questions when you login for the first time after account opening or password reset. Every login there after would require you to any two of these five questions. 

Step 1   : Enter User Name                                                                             Step 2 : Enter Password


Step 3:  Enter 2FA Answers 

UCC and Password are emailed to your registered email ID from tradeplus@tradeplusonline.com once the account is opened as part of the Welcome Kit. Email open@tradeplusonline.com if you have not received.

When you login for the first time after account opening or after Password Reset you will be asked mandatorily change the password. 

Password Policy

  • Password Length: Minimum 6 and Maximum 12

  • Login id and Password cannot be same

  • Password cannot be same as previous 3 passwords

  • Password must have Alphabet, Numeral and Special Characters

Forgot Password 

To Reset your password go to the login page and click on Forgot Password link below the login section. On entering you User name Email Address and PAN number an email with new password will be sent to your registered email ID. 

STEP 1  : Click on Forgot password                                              STEP 2 : Submit user name, Email ID and PAN


Market Watch & Trading Dashboard

You can add scrips of your choice under have 5 Market Watch (W1, W2, W3, W4 & CM). The scrips added in the Market Watch with the header ‘CM’ is common to INFINI WEB and INFINI POWER. You can see the scrips added in this market watch both through EXE and Web Front end.

Messages and Notifications:

Click of Notification menu on the top right of the Trading Screen will give an archive of the Trading ,Exchange and admin messages for the day. Exchange status can also be seen under this menu


Fig. Notification Menu

My Profile 

Click of Profile icon on the top right of the screen provide the basic details of your profile with Tradeplus


Order Placing

Click of icon “B” next to the scrip opens the buy order form and similarly opens sell order form when you click on the icon “s”


Order Form

Order Complexity can be selected as Simple Order, After Market Order (AMO) or Cover Order.

Order Type can be selected as Limit or Market or Stop Loss Limit (SL Limit) or Stop Loss Market (SL Market)

You can use the option of either placing an order with the Validity as DAY or IOC (Immediate or Cancel)

Position Conversion and Square Off can be done by going to the NET positions window shown in the fig below. You should mouse over the scrip on which you plan to initiate action to get Square Off (SQ)  and Convert Position (CN) Icons. Youcan change the product (MIS to NRML or Vice Versa) by clicking on the Convert Position icon “CN” . You can Square off the open position by clicking on the “SQ” icon. 


Fig. : Position Window

Order Modification 

Order Modification is possible only if the Order is open. You can go to the Order Book shown in the Fig below and click on the Edit Icon to modify the open order. You may click on the Cancel Icon next to the status of the status column of the given open order.


Fig. Order Book