What is SMART TRADE DESK and how can I benefit using this service?


Smart Trade Desk enables you to make enhanced trading / investment through a dedicated team of experts. Our differentiated services are designed specifically to cater to your needs.


Are there any requirements to enroll for SMART TRADE DESK services ?


Following are the 3 simple requirements?


1)  You  should not have subscribed to any of our Low Brokerage Trading plans

2) You should be a frequent trader / investor.

3) Minimum Investment Amount of 3 lacs for F&O Trading & 10 Lacs for Equity



What happens if I do not comply with the minimum requirements after enrolling in the SMART TRADE DESK service offering?


Your account will be removed from SMART TRADE DESK and mapped back to Centralised Dealing Desk 



What additional reports and information will I receive as a SMART TRADE DESK client?


Following are the  reports/information you get as Smart Trade Desk Client?


1) Weekly Account Summary

2) Monthly P&L report

3) Specialized research reports from leading research houses




In what market segments is the SMART TRADE DESK service offered?


It is offered in Equity Cash, F&O and Currency segments. 


Is there a fee for the SMART TRADE DESK  service?


No, your brokerage is our fee.


Is there any minimum investment requirement?


Yes, it is 3 lakhs for F&O and 10 lakhs for Equity Cash segment



Is there any guarantee of returns in the SMART TRADE DESK service program?


No, there is no guarantee on returns.



What are the other asset classes for which I will receive assistance to invest?


Following are the other asset classes for which you will get investment assistance:


1) Mutual Funds (MF)

2) Initial Public Offer (IPOs)

3) Bonds (including tax saving bonds& Gold Bonds)

4) Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

5) Corporate Deposits

6) Private Placements



How does Tradeplus ensure that SMART TRADE DESK RM provides quality services?


We take a feedback from you on a quarterly basis, where you will be given an opportunity to rate the services of our RMs . Further you will be provided 2 levels of additional contact points for suggestions and escalations.


What is the escalation matrix for SMART TRADE DESK services?


You will be provided contact details of the following persons:


1) Team Head

2) Business Head

3) CEO



Will I get assistance to file my Income Tax returns in India?


Yes, we do assist in filing returns through our Auditors.


Are the SMART TRADE DESK dealers trained to provide quality services?


Yes, you will be assisted by qualified dealers. They have a collective experience of over 100 years. Further they are responsible for only a limited number clients, this ensure utmost attention is given to each client. 


Can NRIs avail this service?



Yes. There are many NRIs already availing this service from us.

What should I do to avail Smart Trade Desk Service?


CAll 044 39189461 / 39189473 


Email smarttrade@tradeplusonline.com