Research Newsletters:

Daily Reports: 

World update : A flash news update sent to you each night at 11.30 pm covering all key news and analysis till midnight to prepare you for your business next day. Staying informed means staying ahead. 

Daily Morning Pre-Market View: A daily morning strategy note on what stocks to buy and what to short. What specific options to buy. How create a daily trading view on the Nifty and specific stocks.


Weekly Reports


Big News : A weekly analysis of 3 of the key news events each week with a crisp 1-page analysis of implications for each such critical news item. A total of 150 news analyses per year.

Stocks and Options Ideas : A weekly analysis of key ideas in trading equities, options, futures and synthetics. All calls are monitored and reviewed daily on an MTM basis.

Wealth Creator : A weekly analysis of what stocks to buy in a regular and systematic manner to create wealth over the long term. All positions are monitored and updated weekly. A virtual Equity SIP


Fortnightly Report


The Big Picture : A fortnightly analysis of key trends in the equity markets and the subtle shifts happening in terms of sectors and themes. The logical strategy from such themes is also explained and the portfolio so created is monitored regularly


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