What is SMP :

The Subscription Management Portal (SMP hereafter) is your portal to Subscribe/Unsubscribe to our value packs. We operate on a pack based system if you had opted for flat brokerage plan, wherein we have Base Packs, which are the segments for trading. The portal allows you to add/delete trading segments and enable/disable Value Added services provided by us.

What are Base Packs available for subscription:

Base Pack Name
Monthly Subscription Fee ( In Rs.)
Infinite Equity Futures799
Infinite Equity Options99
Infinite Currency Futures and Options99
Infnite Commodity futures and Options99

What are the Value Packs available for Subscription 

Value Pack Name       Monthly Subscription Fee ( In Rs.)
Instant Trade Confirmation - Equity (Cash Intraday & Delivery)
Instant Trade Confirmation - Derivatives (Equity , Currency , Commodity)99
ITS 249 - Annual Plan (EXE, WEB, Mobile Platforms with BO,CO and MTF)249 (Payable upfront for a year) 
ITS 499 - Monthly Plan  (EXE, WEB, Mobile Platforms with BO,CO and MTF) 499 
TradeSenze - Analytics Platform1000

How to Subscribe  to Base Pack / Value Pack:

We have made it quite simple for you. All you have to do is go to SMP page and select the Activate or Deactivate button against the Base Pack or Value Pack of your choice.

How to access SMP:

You can access SMP either by loging on to the website from the Client Dashboard  or through the Trading system 

Access from Client Dashboard after you logon to the website

Access from INFINI WEB under Profile => Dashboard menu 

Access from INFINI Mobile in Dashboard menu

Rocket Mobile by selecting ACCOUNTS and PROFILE

Rocket Web by clicking on SMP icon from the side menus 

What other things can I do in SMP

TPIN : Telphone PIN  is essential when you place an order through our Dealing Desk. You can reset your TPIN from SMP 


What is the Turn Around Time (TAT) for activating the packs


All Base Packs, TradeSenze, ITS, INFINI Trader 
24 Working hours
Instant Trade Confirmation - Equity & Derivatives 
Instant activativation 

How does the billing work

Base Packs (flat brokerage plans)

Subscription fee is debited on first trade in that segment. For example if you placed your first trade in 4th of the month then the flat plan fee will be debited to your trading ledger on 4th. If there is no trade by you in any particular segment that no billing will happen and no amount would be debited to your account.

Value Packs

Subscription fee is debited to the Trading Ledger at the beginning of every calendar month.  If you have activated a monthly Pack in the middle of a month, the billing will be done proportionately for that month for the remaining days in the month.  For eg,  if  you activate a pack on 20th of a month, you will be debited for 10 days for that month  and from the next month the full subscription fee applicable for the pack will be debited. Please ensure that sufficient funds are maintained in the Ledger for the renewal of subscriptions for enjoying the services seamlessly.


If you have any difficulty in subscribing to any of the Base Pack and Value Pack services above, please free to email support@tradeplusonline.com.