Lowest Refundable Brokerage:

We provide the lowest refundable brokerage plans in the industry. This translates to assured savings for you when you trade with us.

  • Flat fee of Rs.99/- per month for trading in Options, Currency Derivatives and Commodities which is the lowest in the industry
  • Flat fee of Rs.799/- per month for trading Equity Futures
  • 0.01% on Equity Intraday trades and 0.0% on Equity Delivery Trades
  • There is absolutely no ceiling on Turnover. It is unlimited Trading at Zero Brokerage
  • The monthly Fee is refundable if there is no trades in a given month
  • Check our Brokerage Calculator to see how much you can save on brokerage
  • Demat Account AMC is just Rs.90/- Annum.

Robust Trading Platforms and Tools:

  • Tradeplus Mobile: We are first broker in India to provide one stop shop for accessing services & queries including Funds Payin, Payout , Customer Support & Ledger Statements.
  • NEAT ON WEB (NOW), powered by NSE is a secured platform for trading in National Stock Exchange (NSE) & Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). This platform is highly reliable as it accesses NSE servers. This platform is available at free of cost in EXE , Mobile and Web versions for investors to trade in Equity, Equity Derivatives and Currency Derivatives segments.
  • INFINI-TRADER, powered by Omnesys Technologies (P) Ltd trading exclusively in Commodity segment. It is a robust trading system that has wide range of features. This system is subscription based
  • INFINI-POWER, the only affordable Technical Analysis tool and Trading Platform for amateurs and professional traders alike. It comes as a package with Infini Trading Solutions (ITS). The insightful tools of this unique system, not only enhances your trading experience but also helps you maximize your profits both in Equity and Commodity segments. Explore INFINI-POWER now!
  • Tradeplus brings you AHA! Its awesome analytics for intraday traders by delivering no-nonsense insights to help you trade better! It’s one of a kind in India and it’s and it’s just the beginning!Explore now!
  • Tradeplus brings you AMS! Our unique alert management system lets you trigger your favourite technical, fundamental and news indicators to give you the head start in this market! Explore now!

Trading Margins:

  • Enjoy Intraday Leverage of upto 33 times through Cover Orders
  • You get DP based margin. The value of stock in your DP Account with us will add on to your Base Capital
  • You can carry forward your Equity Delivery positions beyond 7 days through Margin Trade Funding 
  • Online Payment Gateway enables you to transfer funds from over 25 Banks

Click Here to check our Margin Calculator.

Awesome Referral Program

Through Tradeplus you not only make huge savings on Brokerage, you can also make an annuity income through our exciting Client Referral Program. Our referral Program is not only easy to understand it is highly transparent. You can keep an online tab on the status of each referral lead you have given to Tradeplus. You will get an auto notification the moment your friend’s A/c is opened Here are your benefits:

  • The friend you have referred will appreciate you for being referred to the most reliable Discount Broker in India. If someone is looking for a Real Discount Broker in India, it is Tradeplus.
  • You will earn 100% of the monthly subscription fees paid by your friend for Commodity, Currency, Options trading while you earn 50% of the subscription fee paid for trading in Futures. Isn’t it impressive, check how it is calculated.

Reliable Financial Services Intermediary since 1983

  • Tradeplus has been one of the most reliable Financial Services Intermediary since 1983. We are one of the pioneers of Online Trading India
  • We have the patronage of over 20000 Clients
  • We also have the patronage of over 3000 NRI clients residing across the globe. We open Demat and Trading Accounts for NRIs, PIOs, OCIs and also Foreign Nationals. Check here for more details.
  • We have our own DP having membership with NSDL. Won the NSDL Star Performer of the Year 2013, 2015, 2016 & 2017

Online MF/IPO/Bond Investments

Through us you can do paperless investment in all top Mutual Funds, Bonds and IPOs/NFOs. The online Platform is user friendly and dependable.

Like in equity and commodity , we have ensured that investment in Mutual Funds is cost effective. You  can invest in DIRECT MUTUAL funds through our unique MF platform INFINI MF. There is no distributor's fee and no platform fee. 

Super quick Account Opening – Submit your KYC in 2 minutes

Tradeplus is one of the very few Brokers in India to have launched Digital KYC (D-KYC). Through this unique module you can submit your KYC details in just 2 minutes and complete the account opening formalities in 15 minutes. KYC is fetched from Aadhaar website and eSigned through Digio.
Our Account opening process is Safe, Secured and convenient. Click here to submit your KYC now.

Client Reviews

We are one of the few Top Discount Brokers in India to be positively reviewed by many clients in google. We are thankful to our clients for being so liberal in expressing their happiness about our services. This only confirms the fact that we have not compromised our service levels in our endeavor to provide the lowest brokerage in the Industry.

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Star Performance Awards

5 times Winner of NSDL Star performer Award 

Winner of Best Performer Award  - Tamil Nadu for Mutual Fund business  from BSE