You can refer a client and be eligible for referral incentive if you hold a Trading Account with Tradeplus. Note that the moment you open a Trading Account with us you become an eligible Referrer.

Following are the benefits of referring clients to Tradeplus:

> You will earn  Rs.500/- per account opened through your reference. You will begin to earn Rs.1000/ per account from the 6th  account referred in a given calendar quarter. Click here to see how the referral amount is calculated. To claim this benefit friend should have done a trade to the tune of atleast 50 k in a month.  

> You can free your friend from the clutches of brokerage by opening a ZERO BROKERAGE TRADING ACCOUNT with Tradeplus. In turn it should help your friend to improve the profitably of his/her trades.  Not only that, you friend's account will get a cash credit of upto Rs.300/- once the account is activated. This should be claimed by your friend when our Support executive calls your friend from Client Activation Department to activate the account. 

> The friend you have referred will appreciate you for being referred to the most reliable Stock Broker in India. If someone is looking for a Real Discount Broker in India, it is Tradeplus.


How to refer :

Option 1: You can logon to SMP and update the contact details of your friends / relatives. Click here to know how.

Option 2: You can just call up 044-49427500  and provide our UCC and the contact details of your friends and relatives 

Option 3: Email your UCC and contact details of your friends and relatives to 

Option 4: Go to Partner page and generate your personalised Campaign page and start sharing with your friends network. You can track all the signups done using the personalised url and avail the referral benefits  

We have a very transparent referral system to ensure that you can track the status of the leads referred by you online.