The Subscription Management Portal (SMP hereafter) is your portal to Subscribe/Unsubscribe to our value packs. We operate on a pack based system, wherein we have base packs, which are the segments for trading. The portal allows you to add/delete trading segments and enable/disable value added service through Value Packs provided by us.

Some highlights of this unique Value System:

> SMP serves as wallet to pay  your subscriptions to Zero  Brokerage Plans and Value services

> An amount equal to two months subscription fee will be swiped from your Trading A/c and credited to your SMP ledger the moment you fund your Trading Account

> SMP ledger should have a balance equal to one month's subscription fee at any point of time

> You can choose to fund your SMP ledger using Paytm or Debit/credit card or by swiping from trading account. See how.

> You can get instant credits into your SMP ledger your referral benefits. Note that you get upto Rs.1000/- per account referred by you to Tradeplus

> The credit in your SMP ledger can be withdrawn at any point of time at your convenience 

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