The best and easiest way to open your account with Tradeplus is to click here and  submit your KYC online, it just take 2 minutes. We have made the account opening process simple and paperless for you. START YOUR KYC PROCESS NOW

You may choose to open through the offline mode only under following circumstances :

> IF you dont hold a Aadhar Card

> If you want to open a Joint Account

> If you want to open a Corporate Account

> If you want to open a HUF Account 

Steps to open an account in the offline mode.

Step 1: Go to and submit your contact details in "Request a Call" Form OR call our Toll Free No. 1800-425-75757


Step 2: Our Business Executive will contact you and explain you the advantages of Trading with Tradeplus 

Step 3: Our Business Executive will then email you the Account Opening Forms based on the segments you have opted for trading

Step 4: You will have to make an online payment of Account opening fees and DP AMC (one time). Go to and complete the online payment, it is very simple. You can check with our business executive if there is any Promo offer on Account opening fee at the given point of time.

Step 5: Download & print the forms emailed to you by our Business Executive. Ensure that ...

            -  You have signed in all the mandatory places on the application form. Your signatures should be the same in all the pages

            -  3 copies of Address proof, ID proof, Bank Statement , Cheque Leaf copy and Passport size photos are self attested by you.

             - Send the duly signed application forms along with the self attested documents and Account Opening Coupon to our corporate                             office at No.9, Ganga Griha, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam,Chennai - 600034

Step 6: On receipt of the application forms at our end you will get a Verification Call from our processing team on your mobile number   

Step 7: You will get the Account opening intimation from Tradeplus within 3 days of successful completion of Verification Call if all documents are found in order by our Client Registration Department. 

You can at any point of time check the status of your Application through our Online KYC Tracker.