Following are intimations you will receive once your account with Tradeplus is opened:

> You will get  welcome email with the Subject "Welcome to Tradeplus Family !"  from the email ID This email will contain details of your Demat  and Trading Account opened with us.  You should click the link to activate your Back Office login using the Login ID given in the Welcome Email. You Login ID is nothing but the eight digit client code.

> You also will get an email with the subject "Steps to activate your Trading Account". This email will contain simple steps to download the Trading Software and fund your Trading Account and Subscription Management Ledger (SMP) A/c

> You will get an email from with login credentials for your Equiyt/F&O/Currency Trading Account 

> If you have opted from Commodity Trading you will receive a separate email with Login Credentials for Commodity Trading

> Further you will receive a welcome email from National Securities and Depositories Ltd from the email ID if you have opted to        open Demat Account.

> Apart from the above email confirmations you will receive a SMS notification once the account is opened.

If you have submitted your KYC and still the Account is not opened you may click here to know  the status of your application