Tradeplus Mobile comes bundled with several innovative services and features of Tradeplus.

(Click on the bold headings to know more about each service.)

Back office 

1. View your trading Ledger balance across segments.

2. View your trading ledger transactions across segments.

2. View your open positions.

3. View your DP stocks with haircut valuations.

4. View your accrued DP bill. 

5. View your accrued interest.

6. View your account profile like your registered address, mobile number, email ID etc.

7. Single login access for all your linked accounts. (linked accounts are those which have the same mobile number)

Funds Payin and Payout

1. Make a request for funds payout.

2. Transfer funds using payment gateway to your equity or commodity trading ledger.

Alert Management System (AMS)

1. View your current stock alerts

2. Add / Edit / De-activate / Delete your stock alerts

3. Purchase credits for stock alerts


1. View your AHA dashboard

2. View various AHA reports.

Initial Public Offers (IPO) - Coming soon

1. Apply for new IPO

2. See the status of your IPO application

3. Check the allotment of your IPO application.

4. See past IPO applications.

Mutual Fund (MF's) - Coming soon

1. Apply for new MF

2. Check the status of your MF application

3. See your past MF applications.

Subscription Management Portal (SMP) - Coming soon

1. View your current base pack and value pack subscriptions

2. Activate / Subscribe to other base pack and value packs.

3. De-activate already activated value packs.

4. Check and fund your SMP balance.

5. View the transactions in your SMP ledger.

Client Service

1. No longer need to send mails to client service. Just send message to client service from Tradeplus Mobile for faster response.

2. Browse through our entire knowledge base of more than 250 support solutions and videos like this one.


1. View Tradeplus contact details for Client service, Opening an account or Call N trade and dial calls immediately. No need to remember numbers.

2. Read Tradeplus blogs on NREACH and share your views on the blog articles.

3. Refer a client and earn.

4. View Tradeplus research articles special reports which are published on daily, weekly and fortnightly basis.

5. View details of tradeplus and its products and services

6. Access the brokerage calculator

7. Access the margin calculator.

8. View notifications sent by Tradeplus