Tradeplus Mobile is an unique trading mobile APP from Tradeplus designed to make your interactions with Tradeplus simple, easy and quick. Instead of using the desktop computer or laptop you can now access various products and services of Tradeplus right from your mobile. All you need is a android or IOS based mobile with 3G/4G/WIFI connection and you are ready. The following are the list of services you can access from Tradeplus mobile APP

Trading related Features

  1. Intuitive and simplistic mobile trading platform that does not compromise on features or speed of execution.
  2. On screen Trading and Analytics dashboard.
  3. Integrated with all exchanges- NSE, BSE, and MCX
  4. Global search option to search and add securities to market watch quickly
  5. A separate predefined index watch for NSE and BSE
  6. Common Watch list between different trading platforms such as EXE, WEB and MOBILE.
  7. On screen and Live scrip statistics, resistance and support levels, intra-day price snapshot
  8. Advanced analytics with Live Scanners
  9. Quick BUY/SELL/EDIT/CANCEL order options.
  10. Easy product conversion
  11. Easy position square off and conversion options.
  12. Sell your Depository stocks in 1 touch
  13. Place market orders, limit Orders, Stop loss limit / market orders, GTD orders and After Market Orders.
  14. Place Cover and Bracket orders with limit price and market price

Back office related features

1. View your trading Ledger balance and transactions across segments.

2. View your open positions.

3. View your DP stocks with haircut valuations.

4. View your accrued DP bill. 

5. View your accrued interest.

6. View your account profile like your registered address, mobile number, email ID etc. Change your   

    mobile number and email ID on the go.

7. Single login access for all your linked accounts. (linked accounts are those which have the same  

    mobile number)

Funds Payout

1. Make a request for funds payout and track the status of your Payout request.

Alert Management System (AMS)

1. Set stock alerts. View your current stock alerts

2. Edit / De-activate / Delete your stock alerts

3. Purchase credits for stock alerts.

Initial Public Offers (IPO) / BONDS / Government Securities (GSEC)

1. Apply for new IPO/BONDS/GSEC

2. See the status of your IPO/BONDS/GSEC application

3. Check the allotment of your IPO/BONDS/GSEC application.

4. See past IPO/BONDS/GSEC applications.

Mutual Fund (MF's)

1. Apply for new MF(Direct and Regular Funds)

2. Check the status of your MF Orders

3. View your MF holding and Portfolio performance for funds bought through INFINI MF

4. View Top Performing Funds under various categories

5. Place SIP, Conditional and Flexi Orders

Subscription Management Portal (SMP)

1. View your current base pack and value pack subscriptions

2. Activate / Subscribe to other base pack and value packs.

3. De-activate already activated value packs.

4. Check and fund your SMP Wallet balance.

5. View the transactions in your SMP ledger.

6. Refer friends and relatives and earn.

Customer Support

1. Browse through our entire knowledge base of more than 250 support solutions like this one.

2. View current and past messages we send you from the notification option

3. View Latest Tradeplus updates and Industry related articles from our N-Reach Blog

4. Activate your account instantly if it has become dormant due to inactivity.

5. Read important policies, process, terms and conditions that govern your account

6. View Tradeplus contact details for Client service, Opening an account or Call N trade and dial calls 

    immediately. No need to remember numbers.