Yes , you can fund your SMP ledger using you Paytm Account. Check the demo below:

Step 1: Logon to back office of 

Step 2: Click on Subscription Management Portal (SMP) menu in the Client Dashboard


Step 3: In the Subscription Management Portal, go to "Funds" menu and click on "Fund my SMP Ledger" menu

Step 4: Once you get into the Paytm payment form enter the amount you would like to transfer and submit. Please note that the service tax of 14% will be collected along with the transfer amount and credited to your SMP ledger 

Step 5: In the Paytm Page, on entering your Paytm login credentials you have two options 1) transfer using Paytm wallet if you have a credit balance in it or 2) use Credit / Debit Card to complete the transaction:

On completing the above steps the transferred funds gets credited to your SMP ledger instantaneously. You can check your  SMP ledger to confirm.