The AMS dashboard provides you with lots of unique and interesting reports on an EOD basis under the categories listed below. These reports may help you narrow down on stocks which you may like to track using the AMS system. You get to see bullish and bearish indicators in the Dashboard of AMS.  Dashboard indicators in the AMS include the following:

> Moving average Bullish and Bearish cross over 

> MACD Bullish and Bearish Crossover 

> RSI above 70 (Bullish) 

> RSI below 30  (Bearish)

> CCI Bullish and Bearish Crossover

> Stocastic Oscillator > 80 for Bullish and < 20 for Bearish

Apart from the above you also get the following report from your AMA dashboard.

Intense Bullish Bar Reversal 

Intense Bearish Bar Reversal

Bullish Engulfing

Bearish Engulfing

Breached Resistance Level

Breached Support Level

>52 Week High

< 5% 5-10 % 10-15 % New 52Wk

52 Week Low

< 5% 5-10 % 10-15 % New 52Wk

Year Top Performers

Years Beaten Down

Unusual Volume

Steep Rise in Delivery Volume

Day PriceUp & VolumeUp

Day PriceDn & VolumeUp

The stocks falling in categories of indicators will be listed in the Dashboard of AMS on a EOD basis. These technical indicators can help you take investment decisions in stocks.