You can buy AMS credits by transferring the credit available in your SMP ledger or trading ledger. Alternatively you can buy Alert credits using our Payment gateway through debit card / credit card or net banking. The price of each AMS credit is Rs. 2 + service tax.

3 Steps to buy AMS credit.

Step 1 : Logon to back office of

Step 2: Click on the menu  Alert Management System  (AMS)

Step 3: Click on the menu  “BUY SMS CREDITS” in the AMS page. Enter the number of credits you want to buy. Automatically the amount will be filled. Click on SUBMIT button.

Default the system will use the SMP balance to buy AMS credit. You can also click on the link Swipe from trading account or transfer funds if  you want buy AMS credit from your trading account balance or if you want to buy AMS credit using Debit card / credit card or Netbanking using the Payment Gateway. You can swipe the amount from SMP ledger with a minimum of 5 Credits per swipe. One Credit will be charged at Rs.2/- from your SMP ledger.