As per the terms and conditions of the Promo pack the system will automatically subscribe you to the paid services. Find below the process flow :

>  You give activation request for a Promo Pack after understanding and a agreeing to the terms and conditions

>  The given Promo Pack is enabled in two days

>  You get a notification email one week prior to the expiry of the Promo period 

>   On the 30 th day the system will debit your SMP ledger towards the first month subscription fee of the given value pack

>   If your SMP ledger does not have sufficient balance for one month's subscription the system will debit your Trading Account to the tune of 2                month's subscription fee of the given value pack. The Terms and Conditions governing SMP will apply here.

>  If your Trading Account as well has insufficient balance , services to the given value pack will be terminated automatically.