ØThe free trial is valid for 30 days . There will be no subscription fee during the trial period for the said Value Pack 

ØBy opting for the Free Trial you are giving your consent to debit your SMP ledger or Trading Account towards 2 months subscription fee on the expiry of the Free       Trial Period.

ØTo terminate the service you should give a DEACTIVATE request atleast one 2 days (Working Days)  prior to expiry date of the Free Trial Period .

ØIf the DEACTIVATE request is not given before the end of the Free Trial Period, your account will be automatically enabled for the paid service. Terms and Conditions governing the Subscription Management Portal become applicable once you are enabled for the paid service.

ØIf you do not have sufficient funds in your SMP ledger and Trading Account, the service will be automatically de-activated after the expiry of the Trial Period.  We suggest you to keep sufficient funds in your Trading Account or SMP ledger to enjoy seamless service.