Referral amount will be paid as below:

1) 100% of  Base Pack subscriptions to Commodity, Currency and Options  segments and 50% of Base Pack subscription to Futures segment. AND

2) 50% of Value pack subscription fee received by us every month from the referred client

The referral amount will be credited to your SMP Ledger as when the subscription fee is collected from the referred clients. 

Click here to know what is SMP. 

Referral Summary Sheet:

Pack Name Pack Type Pack Value per month paid by the client referred by you Referral % Referral Amount Per month credited to your SMP Ledger
Infinite Commodity Plan Base Pack 99 100% 99
Infinite Options Plan Base Pack 99 100% 99
Infinite Futures Plan Base Pack 799 50% 400
Infinite Currency Plan Base Pack 99 100% 99
INFINI POWER - Equity Value Pack 499 50% 250
INFINI POWER -MCX Value Pack 249 50% 125
Instant Trade Confirmation - Equity / Commodity Value Pack 198 50% 100
Call N Trade Pack Value Pack 1000 50% 500


Note : For Partners' Packs referral credit will be 25% of the value of the pack subscribed by the client you have referred