1)   Can I use my credit card to settle DP bills?
  • Ans: Yes you can use both Debit Card and Credit Card to settle DP bills. DP bills include Annual Maintenance Charges, NSDL transaction charges, Dematerialization Charges, etc.
2)  What are the benefits of using Credit Card/Debit Card to settle DP dues?
  • Ans: Following are the benefits:
  • You need not go through the hassle of making Cheque payments.

  • You can make online payments even if you don’t have Net Banking User ID password. All you need is your Credit / Debit Card particulars.

  • You can avail cash benefit of 10% on DP payments made online.
3)   How long will it take to update my ledger for the payments done online dues?
  • Ans: Your ledger will be updated within 24 hours
4)   Can I use my Credit Card / Debit Card to make Margin Payments?
  • Ans: No, Margin payments for investment or trading purposes should not be made though Debit Card/Credit Card Payment Gateway. Margin payments can be done only from your Bank Account which has been attached to the Trading Account either online or through a cheque. You need to use the Payment Gateway available for this purpose on our website.
5)   How can I avail the 10% bonus on the online Payments done for DP dues?
  • Ans: The amount to the tune of 10% of the money paid online towards DP dues will be credited to the DP Ledger Account . Discount will be applicable only on that part of the money transferred online which is due for payment. Any amount transferred in excess of the DP dues outstanding at the time of payment will not be eligible for bonus credit. Eg. If your DP ledger balance shows a debit of Rs.1000/- and you make an online payment of Rs.2000/-, the DP ledger will be credited in one working day for transfer amount of Rs.2000/- . An amount of Rs.100/- as bonus will be credited to your DP ledger Account within two working days.
6)   Can I use the Bonus credit received in my DP ledger for settling Trading dues?
  • Ans: No, Bonus credit can be used only for adjusting future DP dues.
7)   Can I withdraw the bonus credit?
  • No, the credit given on account of Bonus can be used only for settling DP dues in future.