You can initiate additional purchase request and redemption request directly from the "My Portfolio" page. However you need to download the request form and send us the signed instruction at the address below:

No.9, Old No.6, Ganga Griha, 4th Floor, 

Nungambakkam High Road, 

Nungambakkam, Chenna - 600034

Check the steps below:

Step 1: Logon toBack Office of using your login credentials 

Step 2: Click on "Mutual Fund" Menu on the Client Dashboard

Step 3: Click on "My Portfolio" Link

Step 4: Go to holding statement and click on the transaction slip against the holding for which you want to redeem or do an additional purchase

Step 5 : Select the transaction type and click on the download button. The transaction slip should be printed , duly signed and sent to the address referred above.