SHCIL is a Clearing Member and  we have tied up with them exclusively for clearing NRI F&O Trades. 

Following are 3 entities involved in F&O Trading with Tradeplus:

SHCIL  (Clearing Member) : All your trades in F&O segment is cleared and settled through SHCIL with the exchange. Payments and receipts pertaining to your F&O trading should be routed through your SHCIL Ledger. 

Tradeplus (Trading Member) : Order placing will be routed through your Trading Account with Tradeplus. We provide you with online platform for trading in F&O segment. Trading limits will be set based on the funds available in your SHCIL ledger. 

Bank : You can attach any SB NRO to your Trading Account. Funds are to be transferred directly to SHCIL from the NRO bank account that is linked to your trading account.