We recommend you to transfer funds to Equity, Currency and Equity Derivatives via our website. This is the best method as 27 banks are supported and it just takes 15 minutes for your cash limits to get updated in the NOW trading system that you would be using.

Here's how to do it: Its a 6 Step process.

STEP 1: Login to your Backoffice on www.tradeplusonline.com

STEP 2: Enter your broking code and password to complete login

STEP 3: On your client dashboard, click FUNDS

STEP 4: Then choose PAY-IN

STEP 5: Choose segment - Equities/Currency/Derivatives

STEP 6: Enter the amount to be transferred from your selected registered bank account

You will be taken to the payment gateway of your selected bank and asked to proceed with payment.  You should use the net banking user ID and password given by the bank  to complete the transfer. Ensure that you receive the confirmation of fund transfer from the trade plus website and do not close the browser in between the transfer.