Your trading account is funded directly based on the balance available in your PIS Bank Account. We receive the PIS balance from your bank and update the same in our Risk Management System (RMS). Please note here that we receive the balance file from your banker only once a  day. Usually it is sent end of the given working day after all the transactions for the day are completed at Bank. Hence any transfers you make to your PIS account after the file upload for the day or during holidays may not be captured in our RMS. 

Note: If the bank is unable to send the Balance file on any given working day on time, we will use the previous day's balance file sent by the bank.

So kindly ensure that your PIS account is sufficiently funded on the previous working day itself. For any assistance / clarification with regard to the funds availability, please do contact our NRI Support Desk. Find below contact details:

Phone :  VOIP: 1-914-368-7760 | 91 44 39191818 / 91 44 28214171  |  91 44 39427575