If you are an Trade Plus account holder, and you clicked "Trade" on the initial login screen, you will be presented with the login page.

Note: NSE NOW users are required to remember two passwords. One is your "login password" used to login to the mobile application. The second one is your "transaction password" which is separate and required before any order placement.


  1. For member ID, enter Trade Plus NSE member ID which is 07708.
  2. User ID is a 8 digit ID followed by a dash followed by our member ID. Example: 22101985-07708.
  3. Your login password will be provided to you by the NSE NOW team. Should you have any trouble, please contact us.

First Time Logging In?

If this is your first time logging in to the NSE NOW system, you will be prompted to change both your login password and your transaction password. The password should be alphanumeric and should be between 6 and 12 characters.

All passwords have a 14-day expiry on the NSE NOW system. That means, both your login password and transaction passwords will need to be reset every 14 days for security reasons.

You are also given three chances to login to the NSE NOW system. If you provide the wrong password three times, then your account will be blocked. Should this happen, please contact us and we will unblock it for you. 

On successful 2FA image and login password validation, the investor client is prompted to enter the answers for the 2FA questions.


Click on Submit after entering the correct 2FA answers. If the investor client enters the wrong 2FA answers thrice, the login gets blocked.

After successfully logging in you will see the main menu screen of NSE NOW mobile

As a Trade Plus account holder you have access to:
- Quotes
- Market Watch
- Charts
- Order Status (to view status, edit and cancel pending orders)
- Order Placement (to place new orders)
- Balances (to view your limits and limit utilisation)
- Positions (to view your carry forward and intra-day positions and square off the same)

- Holdings (to view and sell your DP holding)
- Fund Transfer (for Pay-in and Payout)
- Settings (To change your login and Transaction password)

Payin Image on NSE NOW Mobile