There are 2 easy ways in which you can request payout from Tradeplus.

Method 1: Request via our Tradeplus Mobile APP. Click here to see how you can use your mobile to make a payout request.

Method 2 : Request via our Tradeplus website . See a DEMO below 

Method 2 : Request via our Tradeplus website 

Step 1: Login to Backoffice ( / Login / Back Office) 

Step 2: Select the menu Funds on the client dashboard 

Step 3: Select Payout

Step 3: Select segment for payout. Options are Security and Commodity. Security means Equity/Equity Derivatives/Currency.

Step 4: Select your bank account to which the payout is required. Automatically the bank account number will get filled. Enter the payout amount and select Submit to confirm your request. 

Step 5: Press on Check Status button to view the Status of your last payout request. The back office action date is the date on which your trading account ledger will be debited for the payout made to you. Various Status message are Pending / Accepted / Rejected.  You can also EDIT the payout request by changing the amount and pressing on the UPDATE button.

Step 6 : To delete the payout Request Click on CHECK STATUS and Press on DELETE 


NOTE : The option to Edit / Delete the payout amount will be enabled only if the payout request is in pending status. If the payout request status if completed or rejected then the edit/delete option will not be enabled.