Funds shall be updated generally within 1 working day upon your bank account getting debited for the cheque amount. 

However, for us to pass the necessary credit to your trading ledger account and subsequently, the trading system, you need to

Email us at

Attach a scanned copy of the cheque with the email

Proof of being debited in your bank account

Upon receiving the necessary proof and emails from you, we will check our bank statement for the necessary credit. If the credit is received then we will pass the credit entry into your broking ledger and also update your limits in the trading system. This will take upto 1 working day.

Hence, for speedy and effective funds transfer, it is recommended to use the online fund transfer option under Secure URL's >> Pay In from your trading software INFINI-WEB or INFINI TRADER (if you have subscribed to it). To see how this is done, click here