Intra-day leverage is provided in the options segment for selling as illustrated below. You will have to pay 50% of the exchange required margins for selling options under intra-day product code MIS.

SegmentIntra-day Leverage under product code MIS
Sale of Equity and Commodity options
50% of (SPAN + Exposure Margin)*

* SPAN and Exposure margins as levied by the exchange

Terms and Conditions Options Intra-day product:

1. SPAN/2 is allowed only for Options Selling 

2. Premium received on option selling will not be considered for further trading 

3. Stocks in DP with POA can be used as margin for Equity Options selling. The value of such stocks after haircut would be limited/restricted and this limit could vary from time to time.

4. Any MTM shortfall arising as a result of Equity Options Trading loss by using DP based margin ,  such loss/debit needs to be transferred by the client on T day itself, else DP stock to the extent of loss/debit amount would be sold anytime from T+1.