We do provide leverage on Intraday trading (Product code MIS) and here is a quick glance on the leverage policy. Do note that currently, we have the zero brokerage plans on Commodities, Currency futures and options and shall be launching such infinite trading plans on Equities very soon.

Segment Intra-day Leverage under product code MIS  Intra-day Leverage under product code CO
Equity Cash 10X on All F&O Stocks  Between 30X - 40X on all F&O stocks
Equity Futures 50% of SPAN + MTM Margin (Exposure Margin)*  25%-30% SPAN on all F&O Stocks
Currency Futures 50% of SPAN + MTM Margin (Exposure Margin)*
 Cover order not available for currency future
Commodity Futures 50% of SPAN + MTM Margin (Exposure Margin)* (2 times)

20% SPAN + Exposure Margin ( 5  times )

* SPAN and MTM margins as levied by the exchange. MIS order type is available in Equity Cash for all stocks that are available for trading in futures segment.

Cover Order Margin:

Equity Futures - 3% 

Commodity Futures - SPAN/5


For an exact picture of span margins required for the commodities segment, use our Online Margin calculator click here