We do provide leverage on Intraday trading (Product code MIS/CO/BO) and here is a quick glance on the leverage policy.

Listed below are the products available for the trading and the Exposure / margin required for trading in various segments of the exchanges for Intraday.

Exposure -Equity
Margin – Equity Futures / Options selling
Margin – Currency Derivatives
Margin – Commodity Futures / options selling
Margin – Equity / Commodities options BUY
MIS (Margin intra-day square off)

Intraday with auto square off

Leverage of 10x is provided for all stocks trading in futures segment where (VAR+ELM) <=20%.

50% SPAN +50%  Additional margin

50% SPAN +50%  Additional margin

50% SPAN +50%  Additional margin

100% of Premium Value for Equity and Commodity NA

CO / BO (Cover order) / Bracket Order

Intraday with auto square off

Upto 20X on all F&O stocks

5% of the Contract value & Stop Loss 3% Compulsory


20% SPAN or SPAN / 5 for commodity futures and NA for Commodity options

Intraday leverage of  40X

Any order placed under MIS and CO & BO will automatically be squared off within half an hour before the market closes for respective exchange segments or the Intraday MTM reaches 80% whichever is earlier. To read our comprehensive risk management policy click here.

* SPAN and MTM margins as levied by the exchange. 

For an exact picture of margins required, use our Online Margin calculator by clicking here