You need to recharge your SMP ledger if this is the case. However, if you fail to recharge your SMP ledger, we follow an auto debit process whereby we transfer a certain amount - atleast 1 month's subscription value of base and value pack from your trading account ledger to your SMP ledger to make up for the shortfall. 

If your subscription total (base pack plus value packs) per month exceeds one time  the amount in your SMP ledger, we shall automatically debit your trading ledger to compensate for the shortfall. Here is an example:

Base pack (1)Value pack (2)Monthly subscription
total (1 + 2)
SMP ledger value (3)Shortfall (1+2-3)
Amount swiped from trading ledger
(Monthly total - SMP ledger value)
99198297115182297 - 115 = 182
99099207999 - 20 = 79

Note: The above calculations are done without GST component in the Base Pack and Value pack Subscription value.  GST at applicable rates will be added to the monthly subscription total for calculating the transfer amount.

We make sure that your SMP ledger has enough funds for 1 month's subscription fee of active packs atleast 5 days before the billing date. This is only done to facilitate ease of trading and avoid suspension of your base packs or de-activation of your value packs. Also please note that all our base packs are refundable plans which means that if you do not trade in that particular billing cycle period then the base pack amount is credited back to your SMP ledger.