The working of SMP is explained in detail below:

 Step 1: In order to access SMP you need to log in through our back office with your 8 digit UCC and password.

 Step 2: Click on the SMP option in the left corner and it would direct you to the SMP portal. Once you enter the portal you can see the backpacks, value packs and partner value pack in the dashboard.

Step 3: To activate a base or value pack click on the activate button next to the pack name followed by accepting the terms and conditions and finally submitting your request.

        Activation DEMO 

Step 5: To deactivate a base or value pack click on the deactivate button next to the pack name, this will produce a small pop-up asking for your confirmation on clicking yes.

Step 6: Another pop-up appears asking you to select the reason for deactivating followed by mentioned the remarks in the comment box and clicking submit.

Step 7: The status (activated or deactivated) of the pack can be viewed by clicking the Statement option --> account statement--> on request status is changed toprocess on activation it is changed to deactivate (Meaning the pack is activated).

Step 8: You can also view your SMP ledger balance on the right side top corner of the screen.

Deactivation DEMO 

Note: You don't have to deactivate your BASE PACK. Please note that the Subscription Fee on Base Pack is refundable. If you have not punched a single trade during a billing cycle, the subscription for that month will be credited back to your SMP ledger. The Subscription Fee gets carried forward every month till you punch your next trade in the given segment (This carry forward is applicable up to 6 months). You may also choose to withdraw the funds from SMP ledger as and when you choose to do so.