What is Subscription Management Portal (SMP)

The Subscription Management Portal (SMP) is a dedicated portal from where you can manage your subscriptions to our products and even the products offered by our partners!


SMP has the concept of Base pack and Value packs.  Additionally, it has Partners pack also.

Base packs

Base packs are linked to your core trading subscription plans.  For example if you have selected our Flat 99 option plan then you will see that the Option 99 base pack is automatically activated in your SMP Portal.

Value packs

Value added products that improve your trading experience are offered as value packs.  For example if you want to trade using our flagship Infini Trading Systems then you can simply subscribe to the same by activating the value pack for the same.

Partners pack

We also list value packs offered by our partners under the Partner value packs.  You can simply ACTIVATE or even De-activate the same by using the options provided in SMP.


Another feature of SMP is referrals and referrals earnings.  If you want to refer your friends and relatives to the world of zero brokerage simply go to the SMP and use the referral menus.  You get to know the status of the referred account and you even get cash back into your in-built Tradeplus wallet once the referral conditions are fulfilled.  At Tradeplus we have exciting referral plans for you so that referring your friends and relatives is a rewarding experience.  Read here to know about referral benefits.

Tradeplus wallet

SMP has a built in Tradeplus wallet.  This wallet is where your referral benefits are credited. SMP allows you to VIEW your Tradeplus wallet details, FUND your wallet using your Trading account or payment gateways and WITHDRAW available credit balance from your wallet.  The credit in the Tradeplus wallet is what will be used to renew your base pack and value pack subscriptions.  If there is no adequate balance in your SMP ledger, then funds will be moved from your trading account to SMP automatically


Further if you are using CALL N TRADE services then you will need a TPIN to verify yourself to our Call N Trade agents.  SMP is where you can view your TPIN and even reset your TPIN if required.

How to access SMP

You can access your SMP portal conveniently from your Trading system, Portal dashboard or through Tradeplus Mobile APP.

Here is a brief video on how to access SMP through Tradeplus Mobile APP.

Benefits of SMP for you?

1. SMP allows you to subscribe / un-subscribe to our base packs and value pack schemes

2. Refer, Earn and track your referral earnings

3. Use the In-built Tradeplus wallet to fund your subscriptions and withdraw your referral earnings.

4. View and reset your Call N Trade TPIN