Forgot Password? No worries! You don’t need to fill a ticket at all. We understand your sense of urgency and have made the process easy for your password recovery

STEP 1: 


STEP 2: 

  • Click Forgot Password

STEP 3: 

  • Enter your broking code. a temporary password will be sent to your registered email address, as shown below:

STEP 4: 

  • Enter the temporary password that was emailed to you and click SUBMIT, as shown below:

  • STEP 5: 

  • Once you click SUBMIT, choose your new password. Please follow the password specifications as shown in the message box

  • STEP 6: 

  • Once it is chosen, a display windows shows your successful change of password and the new password is also emailed to your registered email address. for further clarifications, if any, contact