• Go to Finance in the Menu bar to the left
  • Navigate to Client Portfolio Report
  • There you can choose segments from the drop down menu and view the report in a format in which you desire. You will also have the option to export the report CSV, XLS or PDF formats.
  • You also have scrip filter should you want the P&L for a particular security
  • You have date filter to select the period for which you need the P&L report.
  • Note that P&L reports are financial year wise and cannot be viewed across different financial years. If you want to view the P&L report for another financial year then you need to change the financial year by selecting the option provided on the top right hand corner.

You can view Portfolio for various segments by selecting the segment filter as shown below. You also have the option to select all segments as one go.

We have also provided a separate TAX REPORT which can be used for Tax filing person for trades in CM or EQUITY SEGMENT. For this you need to chose the Report Type as "Capital Gain / Loss Statement" as shown below